Fur Types
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Wool: These breeds are used for spinning, and need to be groomed a lot more
than any of the other breeds. Wooled breeds include the American Fuzzy Lop,
Jersey Wooly, and the Angora breeds which are the English Angora, French
Angora, Giant Angora, and the Satin Angora. The English Angora will have wool
on it’s face, whereas the other Angoras don’t. The English and Giant Angora
have wool on their ears which are called tassels, which the French and Satin
do not. The Satin Angora was a cross between a Satin and a French Angora.
Their wool is more stronger than any of the others for spinning, and has a
resemblance to yarn. The Satin Angora’s coat needs the most grooming out of
any of the wool breeds, the English Angora isn’t that far behind though. The
Jersey Wooly and the American Fuzzy Lop both have what’s considered more of
“easy care” coats, at least once the rabbit becomes a senior. They don’t need
as much grooming as the Angora breeds do.
The Angora breeds all disqualify for wool under 2 inches, whereas both the
American Fuzzy Lop and Jersey Wooly disqualify for wool under 1 1/2 inches.

Rex: It’s the Rex fur that is most commonly use for rabbit fur coats. They have a
short and plush like coat of fur, which is very soft. The guard hairs should be as
long as the undercoat. The Mini Rex and the Rex are the only recognized
breeds with this type of fur.
Ideally you want their coats to be 5/8 inch long. It is a disqualification if it’s
under 1/2 inch or over 7/8 inch.

Satin: This should have a lot of Sheen and Luster to the coat, they have a glass
like hair shaft that is able to reflect light. The Saint, Mini Satin, and Satin Angora
are the only breeds with Satin coats.
Ideal length is 1 inch to 1 1/8 inches. The lengths allowed are 7/8 inch to 1 1/4

Normal: This includes all breeds that are not Rex, Satin, or wool. Some of
these breeds have Rollback coats, meaning when you pet the fur backwards it
rolls back slowly into position. Then the others have Flyback coats, where when
you pet them backwards, their coats immediately fly back into position. The only
normal furred breed that has neither of these is the Silver Fox, which has
Standing fur. When you pet them backwards their fur will remain in that position
till you pet it back to normal.
The lengths of fur vary on the different breeds, but range from short to 1 1/2

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